Hi there! I'm Becca DuVal, Sewing / DIY Fashion blogger at Free Notion and "chairman" here at Sewing Stadium - home of the Top Stitcher Challenge! 

Top Stitchers is my "Iron Chef"-esque contribution to the Sewing Contest world. Each week, you'll see two talented seamstresses from across the blog-o-sphere compete for your votes.

  • What do Top Stitchers sew?
    Everything! We've had sewing themes for girl sews, boy sews, women sews, and we're building our inventory of bag and decor sews, as well. Browse their creations from seasons 1 and 2 to get inspired! 
  • Does everyone have the same theme?
    Nope! There is a new prompt assigned for each week's "sew-down".  Contestants have 4 weeks to interpret their prompt into a sewing project that will receive the highest marks.
  • How do you come up with the Prompts?
    Before each season, I travel thousands of miles to a remote mountainous location in search of a mythical flower to brew into a (slightly bitter) tea, that promises to produce the most abstract thoughts which later inspire each week's theme. ...Just kidding. But I bet most parents out there know what animated feature has been playing non stop in my home this week. The much less thrilling answer is that I graduated with a degree in English and a Creative Writing concentration. I've been given my share of prompts, and - as it turns out - I have a lot of fun writing my own!
  • Who votes for the Top Stitchers?
    You do!! I hope you do, anyway. This is a "sew-blogger" competition of sorts, and we need feedback from you, the reader, to recognize areas each blogger can improve, and acknowledge those areas they already excel! Your votes make up 50% of their overall scores. The other half of the scores are given by a "jury of their peers" - 3 anonymous judges, each a Top Stitchers alumnae. 
  • What is each Top Stitcher rated on?
    I'm so glad you asked! Each Top Stitcher can receive a max of 5 stars for each of the following categories:
    • Technique. Does your garment(s) reflect a strong knowledge of the fabrics used, and the methods and tools use to sew them?
    • Creativity. Does your garment(s) relate to the given prompt, and showcase your unique talents as a sewist?
    • Presentation. Quality photography is key, as is an overall vision for presenting your finished work.
    • Degree of Difficulty. Sew many pieces, or very intricate ones? these points reward that challenge.
  • Do we have to rate each Top Stitcher?
    Yes! They both worked really hard for their feature, and earned a short series of clicks to have that work thoughtfully evaluated. And if you have an extra second, please leave them some love in the comments. It is SUPER DUPER NERVE-WRACKING to put work on display for others to judge, your words of encouragement mean a lot!
  • Ok, is it "Top Stitcher", "Top Stitchers", "Topstitcher" or "Topstitchers?"
    A fair question.... but my indecisive nature prevents me from answering. I reserve the right to use any and all variations, and encourage you to do the same ;) 

I'm really excited to welcome Audrey of Skirt Fixation to the team! She is just the sweetest, and we have collaborated with and encouraged one another for over a year now since she introduced me to the world of sewing contests in her women's sewing challenge. She's joining the Top Stitchers team as our  Sew Along Coordinator, Social Media Guru, & Sponsor Liason.